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Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘ Survey

GUESSS is an international research project using a geographical and temporal comparison to investigate the entrepreneurial intention and activity of students.
The founding process and the reference frameworks for both the universities and individuals form the center of the observation.


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20 August 2014 National Report Germany (GER) is online
19 August 2014 National Report for Russia (RUS) is online
18 July 2014 National Report USA (University of Vermont) (USA) is online
08 July 2014 National Report for Poland (POL) is online
30 June 2014 National Report for Austria (AUT) is online
06 June 2014 National Report for Switzerland (CH) is online
26 May 2014 National Report for Liechtenstein (LIE) is online

13 May 2014

The international report of the GUESSS edition 2013/2014 is available for download now.

13 Nov. 2013 Award for GUESSS-Paper: A paper of Ostertag & Bergmann has won the ”Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship Research Award” at the G-Forum in Germany.
01 October 2013 The new data collection has started. In 2013, 34 countries will
take part in GUESSS.

15 June 2013 Updated information slides available.
October 2012 Information slides about GUESSS 2013 are ready for download

30 October 2012 National Report for Netherlands (NLD) is online
19 October 2012 National Report for Austria (AUT) is online
National Report for Singapore (SGP) is online
06 Sept 2012 National Report for Germany (GER) is online
27 July 2012 National Report for Liechtenstein (LIE) is online
22 May 2012 GUESSS and Ernst & Young present: new international study on succession intentions of next generation members in family businesses -> link
20 April 2012 National Report for Finland (FIN) is online
16 April 2012 National Report for Japan (JPN) is online
05 April 2012 National Report for Chile (CHI) is online
07 March 2012 National Report for England (UK) online
15 February 2012 A scientific article of the German GUESSS team from 2008 has been accepted for publication at JBV. This is the second article based on GUESSS data published in an A-ranked Journal.
23 January 2012 National Report for Brazil online
27 Sept 2011 National Report for Switzerland (SUI) is online
International Report GUESSS 2011 is online (english)
23 Sept 2011 The first national reports based on the 2011 survey from China, Russia and South Africa can be downloaded now.
5 July 2011 Data collection in 26 countries is almost completed. So far, we have received more than 94'000 completed questionnaires.
9 March 2011 National Report for Ireland 2008 online
24 February 2011 The Dutch GUESSS team has created a very exciting video on GUESSS 2011.